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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Empowerment in Social Work Practice. A Sourcebook

Author: Gutierrez,-Lorraine-M., ed.; Parsons,-Ruth-J., ed.; Cox,-Enid-Opal, ed
Author Background:
Date 1/1/98
Type Book
Journal Title: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co., 511 Forest Lodge Rd., Pacific Grove, CA 93950; Web: www.brookscole.com; e-mail: info@brookscole.com
Subject Matter Interpersonal and Social Intervention
Abstract Empowerment as a philosophy, approach, or method of practice provides a way to rethink social work practice and to achieve needed social change, personally and politically, in ways that meet human needs. Part One, An Introduction to Empowerment Practice, written by the editors, describes the elements and process of the model in the first chapter: (1) A Model for Empowerment Practice. In Part Two, Empowerment in Practice: Populations, the four chapters focus on specific populations: (2) Empowerment of Women (L. GlenMaye); (3) Empowering Poor Communities of Color: A Self-Help Model (M. Okazawa-Rey); (4) Empowerment Practice with Lesbians and Gays (K. A. DeLois); (5) Empowering People with Disabilities: The Role of Choice (R. Renz-Beaulaurier). Part Three focuses on specific fields; chapter topics are (6) Empowerment in Mental Health Programs: Listening to the Voices (S. S. Manning); (7) Empowerment Practice with Homeless People or Families (G. Andrus, S. Ruhlin); (8) Empowerment of Youth (S. Rees); (9) Empowering Families (V. G. Hodges, Y. Burwell, D. Ortega). Part Four, Special Issues in Empowerment Practice includes (10) Social Service Delivery and Empowerment: The Administrator s Role (E. O. Cox, B. H. R. Joseph); (11) Research as an Empowerment Strategy (S. S. L. Sohng); (12) Evaluation of Empowerment Practice (R. J. Parsons); (13) Creating Opportunities for Empowerment-Oriented Programs (L. M. Gutierrez, R. J. Parsons, E. O. Cox). (EMK)