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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Emotional and Behavioral Problems of Asian American Adolescents: A Comparative Study.

Author: Lorenzo,-Mary-Kwan; and-others
Author Background:
Date 6/1/95
Type Journal
Journal Title: Child-and-Adolescent-Social-Work-Journal
Volume/Pages 12(3)p.197-212
Subject Matter Asian Pacific Islander
Abstract Examined the social, academic, emotional functioning, and the social support systems of teenage Asian American students. Ninety-nine students were compared to 404 Caucasian students. Resultsshow that Asian American students exhibited less delinquent behavior and better academic performance, but were significantly more isolated, depressed, and anxious. Concludes that there is a need to establishproactive outreach programs. Contains 31 references. (MOK)