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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Education for Local Development; La educacion para el desarrollo local

Author: Orduna et al.,Allegrini
Author Background:
Date Summer 1999
Type Dissertation
Journal Title: Dissertation-Abstracts-International
Volume/Pages 60( 2), 214-C-215-C
Subject Matter Community Development; Education; Social Change
Abstract This dissertation, whose title is Education for Local Development, studies a way of social progress from an educational point of view. Its purpose is to analyze the relationships between education & local development & to describe the main characteristics of this educational modality. The human being, imperfect & incomplete, from his birth to his death goes through a continuous search for personal improvement. During his life, he advances his individual goals thanks to the educational action. This can be defined as the human action (that leads the maturing process of every individual increasing his inner potential). This is, education, or better, intentional education contributes to direct the abilities & qualities that every character has in a process of constant improvement of the individual that grows as a person. Growing as a person means not only improving gradually on everything that affects the human being but also improving his relationship with the social environment & the rest of individuals which surround him. This human development of every individual can only be given through the relationship--communication--with other human beings. Therefore, the educational action, that hopes to improve the persons, has a social dimension which searches, as a helping action, to prepare the individual to get actively involved in the groups that he integrates. It also searches to prepare those groups to take part in the community life. For the active participation of each individual in the community life contributing this way to the improvement of local life conditions, it is necessary that people organize their actions. This process of community organization is called local development. It can be defined as the global process, integrated & sustainable of social change, come out by the community, organized in a well-defined territory that takes part actively in the better use of local resources. Its main distinctive factor, against other types of development or social progress, is the people's participation: the human resources which the process of social improvement is directed towards. Local development cannot exist without these people who wish, who need, who decide to organize themselves in order be able to improve the future of the community. Education & development are two processes that cannot be identified even though they are closely connected. There is no development without education because if the people who integrate a community do not improve as such, they will never be able to assume the improvement of their local life conditions. On the other hand, the process of community improvement is not given in a spontaneous way. People need help & this is education, or more concretely, it is a way of educational promotion that becomes a way of orientation.