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Developmental Difficulties and Priorities of Communes and Towns of Licko-Senjska County in the Eyes of Local Experts; Razvojne poteskoce i prioriteti opcina i gradova Licko-senjske zupanije u optici lokalnih strucnjaka

Author: Misetic, A.
Author Background:
Date Apr-Sept., 1999
Type Journal
Journal Title: Sociologija-sela
Volume/Pages 37, 2-3(144-145) 199-218
Subject Matter Community Development; International; Croatia
Abstract Mayors & councilpeople (N = 62) from several towns & villages of Liko-Senj County, Croatia, identified the principal difficulties hampering the development of their communities, identified their principal priorities, evaluated the commune's rank in the county, & offered suggestions on how to improve & enhance the developmental prospects of their community. Results are tabulated for each commune individually. Economic stagnation, lack of employment, & exodus of the young population dominate the list of obstacles. Analysis points out the county's peripheral position among the principal Croatian macroregions in terms of economic or political importance & the low initiatives displayed by their elected officials to promote industrial developments applying their own means & resources. 6 References.