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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Culturally informed social work practice with American Indian clients: Guidelines for non-Indian social workers.

Author: Williams,-Edith-Ellison; Ellison,-Florence
Author Background:
Date 3/1/96
Type Journal
Journal Title: Social-Work.
Volume/Pages 41(2): 147-151.
Subject Matter Native Americans
Abstract Argues that social work health and mental health interventions directed toward Native Americans must be harmonious with each client s environment and degree of acculturation to European- American culture. Guidelines are offeredto help social workers determine what importance Native American culture may assume in ongoing care and designing interventions that are sensitive to the value constraints of traditional Native American and Western cultures. Socialworkers are warned against Western ethnocentrism and are encouraged to use interventions that involve Native American planning and implementation, which are considered to be more culturally appropriate.