Liberal Studies

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Liberal Studies Student Organization

Mission Statement:

To build a stronger sense of student community in the Liberal Studies Department at San Francisco State University, and encourage connection between the student body and the faculty of the LS department. To create space for interdisciplinary students to get acquainted, share knowledge, and grow together as a department.

Lauren Bielenberg and Brittany Wrightson were the founders of the Liberal Studies Student Organization. The organization began in the spring of 2010 as the result of a final project they did under the direction of Dr. Chitewere for their senior seminar class (LS 690). The assignment was to write a proposal to solve a complex problem. In this case, they had a desire to create an event that would bring liberal studies majors together. The organization was founded as a result of a desire for a departmental graduation ceremony and an over-all need for more department connectedness.

Each year following the founding of the LSSO, the Liberal Studies recognition Ceremony has become bigger and better. After humble beginnings in HSS classrooms, the ceremonies for the past two years have been held at the Music Concourse Bandshell in Golden Gate Park. The LSSO hopes this steady increase in attendance and ambition continues for future Liberal Studies students.

To get involved and have a voice in your graduation experience, contact the LSSO leadership today.

2013-2014 Officers Contact Information:

Taylor Minnery, President


Marcus Stevens, Vice President

Carly Newman, Treasurer


Karin Lamb, Secretary

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