Liberal Studies

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Welcome to SF State's Liberal Studies Program!


picture of the graduating class of 2009

Liberal Studies: Class of 2009


Liberal Studies is one of the largest majors at SF State. It is an interdisciplinary major, which encompasses all areas of knowledge in the arts and sciences in a multidisciplinary curriculum. The program provides the broad academic background necessary for teaching in an elementary classroom and is excellent preparation for careers in management, government, public service, or for professional or graduate education in business, counseling, law, librarianship, and medicine. The major may be planned with a particular career in mind, such as government or public service, health professions, management, or work in multicultural communities.

Although many students choose this major because they want to become elementary school or special education teachers, the possibilities are endless! Many of our students go on to graduate or professional school and pursue an advanced degree in a specific area.


Here is what some of our graduates are doing now:

  • Teaching
  • Elementary school
  • Special Education
  • High School
  • College/University
  • Writing/Research
  • Columnist
  • Wire Service Editor
  • Research Associate-Public Policy Firm
  • Education
  • Admissions/outreach
  • Business
  • Project Manager - software company
  • Information Coordinator - computer company
  • Cemetary broker/maintenance operations manager
  • Customer relations
  • Sales & consultation
  • Photographer
  • Non-profit/Government
  • Community Relations Specialist - Conflict Resolution Organization
  • Executive Assistant - Chamber of Commerce
  • Psychologist

And here are some of the degrees/certificates they have earned:

  • Teaching Credentials
  • MA/MS in:
  • Biostatistics
  • Computer Graphics
  • Counseling
  • English
  • Human Behavior
  • Policy, Planning & Development
  • Special Education
  • PhD in:
  • Clinical Psychology
  • JD
  • Other Training:
  • Acupuncture
  • Midwifery
  • Software


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