Liberal Studies

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Core Courses


The 31-unit Core includes 10 courses: two upper division courses (courses numbered 300 or above at SF State) in each of the four Areas of knowledge and two LS-prefix courses. It is recommended that you take LS 300 as soon as possible upon completing English 214 or equivalent, usually in the first semester of the junior year. Beginning Spring 2009, completion of LS 300-GW satisfies the university GWAR requirement. The area core courses may be taken in any order. Since a significant writing component is required in most of these courses, we expect that you will have completed English 214 (second year composition) or equivalent before beginning the Core. LS 690 should be taken in the senior year.

Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies:

LS 300 Perspectives on Liberal Studies- GWAR: 3 units

Basic preparation for interdisciplinary study. Draws on language arts, mathematics, science, social sciences, humanities, and creative arts to prepare students for advanced work in Liberal Studies and for careers requiring breadth and depth of knowledge. Usually offered in every Spring and Fall

In LS 300, you will be introduced to the eFolio. You will build your eFolio site throughout LS 300, continually adding to it as you progress throughout the program. You will complete your eFolio site in LS 690. Training in both LS 300 and LS 690 will cover both the content required in your eFolio aspects of the eFolio software program.


Area I  -Communication, Language, and Literature:

Choose from the approved list of core courses in Literature and Communication Studies. Note that all upper division Communication Studies courses are 4-semester units: 7 units


Area II  -Life Science, Physical Science, and Mathematics:

Choose from the approved list of core courses in Life Science and Physical Science. Please pay special attention to any course prerequisities: 6 units


Area III  -Behavioral and Social Sciences:

You must take BOTH SS300 and SS301: 6 units


Area IV  -Creative Arts and Humanities:

You must take BOTH HUM 425 and CA 426: 6 units


Culminating Experience:

LS 690 Liberal Studies Senior Seminar: 3 units

Interdisciplinary theory, research, and practice. Examination of key questions and complex problems from multiple perspectives through preparation of a substantial piece of work. Usually offered in Spring and Fall.



Total units for core.......................................................31 units

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