Liberal Studies

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Dear Liberal Studies alum,

We hope that your undergraduate education provided you with the tools and knowledge you needed to pursue your goals in life.


The Liberal Studies program is entering an exciting new phase. For the first time since the Liberal Studies program was created in 1972, in Fall 2007, SF State hired faculty members specifically to teach in Liberal Studies. To find out more about these faculty members, see our faculty page. Our faculty members are committed to offering a major that will meet the needs of today's graduates, whatever career path they choose to pursue.


We want to take this moment to reach out to all of you, our alumni, and invite you to share some of your experiences since you graduated from SF State. We are planning an occasional newsletter about our alumni, current students, and faculty. Please let us know what you've been doing since your graduation by writing to us at We would like to hear from you about what you have been doing and how your education helped you after college.


If you would like to make a donation to the Liberal Studies program to help us revitalize the program and serve our students better, please visit our "Giving to Liberal Studies" page.


Thank you,


Liberal Studies Program



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