Learning Assistance Center


Job Title: LAC Writing Workshop Teacher


This job is only open to current Reading/Writing/Study Skills Tutors.



  • Develop your communication, interpersonal, academic, and leadership skills in a supportive environment that enhances your ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Participate in valuable academic and people skills paid training.
  • Gain experience that will enhance on your resume.
  • Participate in weekly preparation sessions in lesson planning and developing activities for the writing workshop.



  • Assess student learning needs in consultation with Learning Assistance Center faculty.
  • Assist students to achieve learning goals in writing, reading, and study skills across disciplines.
  • Teach grammar for academic writing.
  • Recognize, understand and use students' individual language and writing patterns.



  • Completion of at least one semester tutoring at the LAC.
  • Successful completion of AU697/796, "Tutoring Across Disciplines".
  • Graduate status preferred, upper division status required, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and experience and/or training working with a multicultural undergraduate student population.
  • Completion of ENG 653 or ENG 704.




TIME 10-20 hours per week during M - TH: 9-4 and F: 9-12.

7-8 hours per week minimum. Must be available in time blocks of at least 2 hours.


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