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General Study Tips



A wide variety of strategies, tips, and descriptions of different study skills. Includes information on note-taking, learning styles, solving math problems, test-taking, time-management and many more. Great, detailed ideas for many different types of studying.



Useful suggestions for editing lecture notes, reading essays, controlling your study environment, and answering difficult questions. Includes a study skill checklist and a very interesting survey on how much time you have per week to spend on studying (go to the second link, “Where does time go?”).



A detailed and clearly organized site with extensive information on studying. Covers categories like preparing to learn, classroom participation, project management, reading skills, taking tests, and research. Also includes specific tips for math and science and technology. Each section gives useful steps and strategies for that area of studying. Lots of great ideas!



Very useful tips for listening, memorization, avoiding procrastination, preparing for essay tests and many more. Each section gives background information and definitions of the topic in addition to helpful suggestions and tips.


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