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BICS 363 Fall 2000 - Management Information Systems

I work for Campus Systems, a unit of Computing Services, at San Francisco State University. My official job title is Internet Applications Coordinator, but I am known as the Websterina. As Websterina I manage and maintain SFSU's central WWW servers and Internet application development. Web services I (and my staff) provide include: presenting static public information; creating secure methods for students, faculty and staff to access their personal information; providing technical assistance to faculty who are developing online courses; assisting university departments, faculty, staff and students to create web sites; evaluating client and server software for campus-wide distribution; answering/redirecting E-mail sent to the general information address.

Brief Chronology at SFSU

Summer 1984 Enrolled in Summer School and subsequently transferred to SFSU as a Junior.
Spring 1986 Graduated with a B.A. in Biology
Fall 1986 Enrolled in the M.B.A. program
Spring 1987 Met my first computer!
Summer 1987 Fell in love with a Macintosh
Fall 1987 Began working in a computer lab as graduate assistant
Spring 1988 Graduated with an M.B.A. in Marketing
Fall 1988 Hired as a lecturer by the BACS Dept. Taught every semester until...
Fall 1992 Not rehired as a lecturer due to budg et cuts
Fall 1992 Hired as a Network Specialist by Computing Services
Spring 1994 Hired as an Associate Systems Analyst by Computing Services
Became a part time Websterina
Fall 1995 Re-hired as a part-time lecturer by the BACS Dept.
Spring 1996 Became a full time Websterina
  Now Full time Websterina & Part time lecturer

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