Welcome to my garden located in the Excelsior district of San Francisco. Here I grow mass quantities of plants knowing bugs and birds will eat half, a quarter will die of fungus and other diseases, leaving the remainder for our enjoyment.

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I intend to use the dark winter hours (when gardening is impractical) to expand this site to include:

About the Garden

In the past year some major changes have happened in the vicinity of my garden. First my neighbours on the left decided to copy the neighbours on the right by filling their yard with concrete. I was tempted to follow suit, but managed to restrain myself , and settled on over 600 pounds of assorted natural rock to pave part of my yard.

To make room for the new paving, an old wooden platform/deck was dismantled and reassembled into triangular raised planters. I am indebted to my friends who helped transform my ever changing ideas into 'the new garden'.

In the summer of 1996 I began formally cataloging the plants in my house and garden. First I had to identify the plant, (I didn't know the names of many of my 'cuttings'!) then I researched its botanical name. The catalog has grown to include pictures and characteristics of many of the plants. I am still researching the names of my cacti, succulents, and houseplants so some plants are presently identfied generically with names like Cacti #6! If you know any corrections to any information shown please let me know.

created September 14, 1996 by websterina@sfsu.edu