Please do not make permanent links from your documents, to the background images on this server. The link method may work today, but in the future these images may go away or move. Instead, make a copy and store it with your other files.

How to get a copy of an image

The images are all JPG files because they are smaller than GIF's and have higher color resolution. If you need a GIF, PICT, BMP or other format download the JPG and then convert the file using a graphic application like Paint Shop Pro for Windows or Graphic Converter for Macintosh.

Using Netscape1.1 or higher:
Use the pop-up menu feature.
Position the cursor over the image.
Windows hold down the right mouse button.
Macintosh: hold down the mouse button and wait.
Choose "Save this Image as..." from the menu.
Using another browser:
View the HTML source document that shows the swatches.
Identify the URL for the JPG image you want.
For example: This document's background image has the following URL:
Enter the URL as a location
Save the file when prompted, or after it opens in your viewer/browser.

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