Internships provide students with an opportunity to apply and expand their knowledge about instructional design, concepts, and technologies by working in professional educational, non-profit, or corporate environments. Graduate credits can be given for successful completion of an approved internship under ITEC 720, or as an Independent Study in ITEC 899.

Internship Description
Students may also themselves arrange well-defined internships with an organization of their choice, or they may work with the Program Chair or a faculty member to select an opportunity with an organization that has contacted the ITEC Program. A binder listing internship opportunities is maintained in the ITEC Office in BH163, and new announcements are posted on the Program Bulletin Board located outside of BH163. When internships become available, information is often sent directly to students through email. When you have identified an internship, the appropriate internship forms are available from the ITEC Office Coordinator, Anna Kozubek. All internships must be approved and supervised by a faculty advisor.

Internship Requirements
Students must have completed at least 21 semester units of program coursework, including ITEC 800 and 801 with a minimum grade of "B".

Students must have earned an overall GPA of 3.5 and complete the required forms.

Once an internship has been approved, students are expected to meet with their faculty internship advisor on a regular basis to discuss progress towards their goals, and will be expected to submit a final paper describing the internship experience. A final presentation-style meeting with all internship participants in a given semester may be required by the faculty advisor.

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