Description of courses
A listing of all the courses offered in the Instructional Technologies program.

Earn a masters degree or certificate
Learn more about the opportunities and requirements for earning a Masters Degree (MA) in Education with a Concentration in Instructional Technologies, a Certificate in Training Systems Development, or a Credential Supplement in Instructional Computing.

Developing a portfolio
The ITEC program strongly encourages its students to develop a portfolio of work that demonstrates exceptional skill to potential employers. The ITEC program approaches portfolio development using the criteria of purpose, content and quality.

Examples of student work
View the work of current and past students of the ITEC program .

Program facilities
The Instructional Technologies program has extensive facilities; with access to multiple computer labs, video equipment, and various assets to assist in learning.

SFSU ITEC faculty
One of the program's greatest assets is the wealth of academic and professional experience of its instructors. Here you can learn more about the educators of the ITEC program.

Common questions asked by students interested in the program.

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Thinking about applying?
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