Welcome to San Francisco State University’s Instructional Technologies Program (ITEC). Founded in the 1980’s, our evening graduate program offers professionals a Master’s Degree, a Training Systems Development Certificate, and an E-learning Development Certificate program which focus on the the analysis, design, development and evaluation of effective instructional materials utilizing multimedia technologies. The curriculum covers cognitive and learning theories, needs assessment, instructional design models and strategies, visual and web-based designs, information architecture, usability testing, knowledge and performance assessment, and project management.

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The ITEC program emphasizes an Instructional Systems approach, experience in practical design, and project-based courses that culminate in a professional portfolio that may include instructional software, videos, or web and print-based instruction. Graduates are prepared for careers:

  • Integrating technologies into educational curricula
  • Designing and developing corporate training programs, or
  • Designing and producing multimedia materials for instructional purposes

What about online courses?

All ITEC classes use online technologies to support and enhance learning in the classroom. On occasion, some ITEC classes are available completely online and never meet face to face in the classroom. We’ve developed a new way to deliver classes that serve both face to face and online students together, the HyFlex course.

In a HyFlex course, students enroll in a regular class (not usually listed as an online class in the registration system) and communicate their participation desires to the instructor. Each week, the instructor provides options for both in class and online participation. Students have the flexibility to complete class activities in a way that meets their participation needs. Most students still choose to come to class every week, but most also choose the online option at least once during the semester to accommodate their other life or work requirements. To read more about HyFlex, visit the HyFlex website or Dr. Beatty's HyFlex World blog.

What courses are available in HyFlex?

So far, we’ve developed HyFlex approaches for most of the ITEC seminar courses and we’re working on more every semester. To know whether a course is offered in the HyFlex mode or not, contact the instructor directly.

Can I complete my entire degree online?

Depending on your background, you might be able to complete your entire MA degree online – or at least most of your course requirements. Our current online options do not include most of the ITEC technology-based courses. Learning those skills is best done in a hands-on lab environment, and most online courses don’t teach those skills well. Skills and concepts learned in seminar courses, however, can be effectively learned online, so most of those courses are available to online students now, or will be available to online students as the need arises.

Here is a prospective 30 unit (10 courses) program of studies for an online student today:

1. ITEC 800 Theoretical Foundations of Instructional Technologies - required
2. ITEC 801 Instructional Systems Design - required
3. ITEC 805 Needs Assessment in Training Design or ITEC 740 Computer Design of Instructional Graphics
4. ITEC 830 Design of Instructional Multimedia – required (or ITEC 816/850) or ITEC 850 Design and Management of Training Projects – required (or ITEC 816/830)
5. ITEC 860 Distance Education
6. ITEC 865 E-learning Development
7. ITEC 720 Fieldwork (or Internship) in Educational Technology
8. ITEC 899 Independent Study (1-6 units)
9. ISED 797 Seminar in Educational Research (not online yet – but we’re working on it!)
10. ITEC 894 Creative Work

If you are an effective independent learner, can manage your time and workload well without the normal structure of a regular meeting time each week, then you might be a candidate for a full or mostly online degree program. For more guidance on deciding about learning online, see the SF State Academic Technology website.

Contact your ITEC program advisor or the ITEC office for details on current online course offerings.

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