The process of applying for and receiving a Master's Degree in ITEC involves completing the five steps outlined below:

  1. Students must meet the requirements of the program, which involves completing a minimum of 30 units. Please work with a faculty advisor to develop an approved course of study.
  2. Submit a Advancement to Candidacy (ATC) form the semester before you plan to complete your Culminating Experience (Step #3 and Deadlines below). The ATC lists the specific requirements you must complete before your degree can be awarded, and must be approved by your faculty advisor.
    Fill out your ATC form (formerly the GAP form) online via the Graduate Studies Web site and print it out.
    ATC Orientation meetings are held just after the beginning of each semester for ITEC students.
    Check the ITEC office or the ITEC announcement blog for current information.
  3. Students must demonstrate proficiency in the instructional design process by way of a completing an approved final Culminating Experience, which may be either an ITEC 894 Creative Work project, or an ITEC 895 Field Study.
    Students are also required to fill out the Culminating Experience proposal and ATC documentation package.
  4. File an Application for Award of the Master's Degree, which is available in the Graduate Studies Office, (GradStop) in ADM 254. This form MUST be completed online and printed for signatures. The Graduate Studies office will NOT ACCEPT handwritten forms, due to difficulty reading handwriting (resulting in errors and graduation delays!). Your ATC and Culminating Experience forms must both be on file with the Graduate Studies Office prior to applying for the Degree.
  5. After your culminating experience project (894 or 895) is finished, complete the College of Education Exit Survey - available online: http://coe.sfsu.edu/exit-survey . Use the "Guest account", complete the survey, and print the last page of the survey to verify that you have completed the survey. Turn in the printed page with your Report of Completion.
  6. Submit proof of completion of your Culminating Experience Project. Turn in the Report of Completion with proof that you have completed the College of Education exit survey.

Note: If you enroll in ITEC 894 (or 895/898) and do not finish during that semester, you will receive a grade of "RP" (Report in Progress) and will have one additional semester to finish your work and submit the required completion paperwork with no additional registration fees. (You may need to re-apply for graduation, which would incur and additional graduation fee.)

For more information, visit the Graduate Studies website, http://www.sfsu.edu/bulletin/gradreqs.htm, and look for the Continuous Enrollment Requirements section.

Detailed information about completing a Master's Degree may be found on the Graduate Studies Website.

Be sure to attend the Program's graduation ceremony, held in May of each year, where graduates are formally recognized by faculty and peers.

Download the ATC documents package (.zip file - 506KB)
Download the 894 Creative Work Proposal (.pdf file - 30KB)

Download the 895 Field Study Proposal (.pdf file - 30KB)

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