Certificate in Training Systems Development

The minimal requirement for completion is 18 units. Based on individual student needs, background and interests, the department may require some students to complete more than 18 units for the award of the Certificate. Students are required to take 9 units of core requirements and 9 units of electives. The selection of electives are based on student interest and needs and done with the advice of an advisor.

All courses are 3 units

Required Courses
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The primary prerequisite for entry into the Training Certificate program is general computer and media literacy. All courses use standard technology for creating and exchanging files in a variety of media. All classes use the university's online learning management system, and all courses use web-based resources extensively. Based on individual assessment, students may meet the department's prerequisites by experience or cognate courses at other universities.

In order for students to be considered for admission to the Certificate program, they must indicate that they have:

  • Competency in computer skills at least to the level of basic multimedia authoring
  • Basic multimedia competency as evidenced by a digital portfolio

If those skills are lacking, students will be asked to complete ITEC 715, Computer Foundations of Instructional Multimedia, with at least a grade of "B". If students are not computer literate, they may also be required to take a basic computer course.

Core Requirements

Upon completion of prerequisites, all students must complete each of the following courses with a grade of "B" or higher:

Core Courses
Theoretical Foundations of Instructional Technologies
Instructional Systems Design
Design and Management of Training Projects

Recommended Electives

Students choose 9 units of electives. Since the Certificate is focused on Training Design and Development, it is strongly suggested that students choose from that group. However, the choice of electives will depend on the students' interest, needs, and background.

Elective Courses
Needs Assessment in Training Design
Instructional Technologies in Organizations
Design of Print Instructional Materials
Distance Education
E-learning Development
Seminar on the Adult Learner
Psychological Foundations of Organizational Change

Award of Certificate

When all requirements have been met, each student may request the certificate from the chair of Instructional Technologies. At the time of the request, the student must provide the chair with transcripts indicating satisfactory completion of all certificate requirements. The chair will then initiate issuance of a certificate. The Certificate will be signed by the chair and the dean of the Graduate Division. Award of the Certificate will be entered on the student's transcript.

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