ITEC 894
Creative Work

Students design, produce, and field test an instructional unit, using the instructional systems approach. The design process must be documented in a narrative case study. Graduate Approved Program (GAP) and Proposal for Culminating Experience Requirement forms must be approved by Graduate Studies before registration. The goal of this course is to have students design and develop a creative work which meets the department's requirements, and as proposed in the Culminating Experience Proposal.

The content of the creative work must meet the following specifications:

  • The creative work must focus on the design and development of an instructional unit, in any medium.
  • The instructional unit, especially if it is in an electronic media format, must require at least one-hour of instructional time on the part of the users.
  • Under no circumstances will an informational multimedia piece, Web site, or video be accepted as a creative work.

The format for the creative work is:

  • All creative works must be submitted on a CD, hybrid (both platforms), with the written section in both PDF and Word files.
  • The written report, in which the instructional design process is specified, should adhere to the guide, “Guidelines for the Written Report”, and should be approximately 10-15 pages in a folder, together with the CD.
  • The emphasis in your written report of the ID process should focus on the following five components: Needs Assessment, Background and Purpose, Goals and Objectives, Prototype Design, and Usability Review, concluding with Recommendations and Conclusions.
  • The prototype description in the written report should be primarily an outline and describe only the major components of your instructional unit.

Download the GAP documents package(.zip file - 49KB)
Download the 894 GAP Proposal (.pdf file - 30KB)

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