ITEC 865
Emerging Technologies in Instruction: E-Learning Development

ITEC 800 and 801 must be completed before enrolling in ITEC 865. Suggested prerequisites include ITEC 860, ITEC 745, and ITEC 830. Permission to enroll in this course may be requested from the instructor if a student is able to demonstrate knowledge of ITEC 800 and ITEC 801 content through parallel coursework or life experience. Students will work in multidisciplinary production teams, so broad familiarity with instructional material production software and processes is useful, as are special skills in one or more areas: project management, graphic design, multimedia development (i.e., Flash), technical writing and editing, video development, etc.

Introduction to E-learning Development:
This course introduces the learner to the instructional design and development processes commonly applied in the production of e-learning for education, businesses, and community settings. We will review the fundamental instructional concepts supporting various e-learning strategies, tactics, and media, and apply these concepts through a major design and development project. During this course we will concentrate our development efforts on creating simulation, game-based, or goal-based-scenario driven e-learning modules.

There are two major elements in this seminar:

  • An introduction to the field of e-learning through exploration of methods, applications, and current business models. We will discuss the instructional design considerations, technical implementation requirements, and implications for learning (and teaching) for a range of e-learning approaches. Your learning of this content will be assessed primarily through several short papers and hands-on activities assigned throughout the semester.
  • Development of a comprehensive e-learning instructional module. You will work with a team of peers to plan, design and develop an original e-learning module. Your team will choose an e-learning topic, carry out front-end analysis, design and develop instructional activities, and conduct formative evaluation.
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