ITEC 852
Instructional Technologies in Organizations

ITEC 800 and ITEC 801 should be completed before enrolling in ITEC 850. Permission to enroll in this course may be requested from the instructor if a student is able to demonstrate knowledge of ITEC 800 and 801 content through parallel coursework or life experience.

This course covers the evolution of instructional technology and training from a singular function to the more broad function of human performance and improvement. It tackles key issues of the Total Quality Movement (TQM), Organization Development (OD), Human Performance Improvement (HPI), workplace issues, Knowledge Management, and Training Technology. The course demonstrates, from an instructional technologist's viewpoint, how these issues are inextricably linked, and how they are continually changing in today's business environment. The focus is on coping and thriving in human resources functions of organizations with an emphasis on the business community. Guest speakers are used throughout the course and ten short papers are required.

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