ITEC 823
Instructional Multimedia Tools

An applied course to empower ITEC students to apply the theory they have learned, especially in ITEC 800 and 801, with skills in design, planning, and creation of rich multimedia applications/apps. In the past, ITEC 823 has focused mainly on Adobe Flash Professional. This course has been redesigned to include introductions to other multimedia interactive development environments.

Most ITEC students do not have any background or experience in programming, nor do most want this experience as they envision themselves as designers who would run a project team and pay programmers to create the interactive content. Because of this, ITEC 823 has been sculpted to introduce students into the programming world through rapid code prototyping with either easy to understand 4th generation graphical languages or Flash Actionscript code snippets. This approach keeps the programming glitches/syntax at a minimum but still allows the student exposure to what is entailed with real world programming.

The current (2012-2013) environments touched upon are: Google/MIT App Inventor (app development for Android), Game Salad for either Android or IOS, Adobe Edge, Adobe Captivate, and Adobe Flash. Because Flash can now be used on IOS (with limitations) and because Flash is still the easiest way to create eye catching interactive content the class will spend a majority of the time using it. Other environments for project work will be supported during studio time each class as needed.

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