ITEC 805
Needs Assessment in Training Design

Prerequisites: ITEC 800 and ITEC 801

This course investigates in depth the instructional design (ID) principles of Needs Assessment.  The course covers the complete process of planning and conducting a Needs Assessment as well as evaluating and reporting the results. Attention is also given to the contexts in which Needs Assessment plays a role in the overall Instructional Design model most commonly discussed in ITEC courses (i.e., the ADDIE model).

The course material has been organized so that students will:

  • Take an in-depth look at the components of Needs Assessment.  There will be an in-class introduction to the topics, readings and writing assignments, and in-class analysis of the topics during the following class meetings, wherein students will practice and/or discuss various aspects of Needs Assessment.
  • Apply knowledge of both processes to a real-life situation.  This will take place throughout the semester, as the students work in teams to perform a Needs Assessment for a "client" from SFSU or from the corporate environment. Students will create a Needs Assessment document based on information from interviewing experts (Subject Matter Experts), surveying the intended audience, and other sources.

All ITEC 805 courses--including this one--are "practicum" courses.  Overall, the course utilizes a constructivist approach, wherein knowledge is both individually and socially constructed through both experience and collaborative problem solving.  The practicum format requires discussion and strong participation. 

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