ITEC 800
Theoretical Foundations of Instructional Technologies

This course covers theoretical approaches to media and instructional development; the evolution of the instructional technology field; and social and cultural implications of instructional technology. The goal of this course is to understand the cognitive processes underlying learning and the relation of these processes to Instructional Design. We will look at several different theoretical perspectives on learning; behaviorism, cognitive information processing, cognitive development, meaningful learning, situated learning, motivation, constructivism, social negotiation, and experiential learning theory. By looking at a variety of theoretical perspectives, we can apply instructional models to meet the needs of learners.


  • Become familiar with the underlying assumptions, concepts, and principles of each theory discussed during this course
  • Compare and contrast learning theories
  • Describe the relationship between learning theory, instructional theory, and the practice of instructional design
  • Apply concepts and principles of learning theories in instructional design
  • Apply instructional theories, models, and strategies in course design
  • Analyze instructional needs in terms of the principles of each of the learning theories
  • Design instruction to meet the needs of learners
  • Develop curriculum materials based on learning theories from an instructional design perspective.
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