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Online/HyFlex - online/HyFlex participation option may be available; check with instructor

Required Courses

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Theoretical Foundations of Instructional Technologies - online/HyFlex
Cognition, Mind, Learning for Educators -online/HyFlex
Needs Assessment in Training Design -online/HyFlex
Instructional Technologies in Organizations -online/HyFlex
Instructional Systems Design *required -online/HyFlex
Design & Development
Computer Foundations for Multimedia Authoring
Computer Design of Instructional Graphics -online/HyFlex
Instructional Web Authoring
Instructional Videography I
Instructional Multimedia Tools
Design of Learning Environments with Emerging Technologies (1 of 3 required) -online/HyFlex
Advanced Instructional Multimedia Tools
Advanced Computer Design of Instructional Graphics
Instructional Web Authoring II (advanced)
Design of Print Instructional Materials
Distance Education -online/HyFlex
E-learning Development -online/HyFlex
Instructional Video II
Implementation & Practice
Careers in Instructional Technology -online/HyFlex
Field Work in Educational Technology -online/HyFlex
Integrating Computing into School Curricula -online/HyFlex
Computer Resource Specialist (1 of 3 required)
Design and Management of Training Projects (1 of 3 required) -online/HyFlex
Instructional Technologies in Organizations -online/HyFlex
Seminar in Educational Research *required
Formative Evaluation and Usability Testing
Culminating Experience *required
required Choose ONE of the following for the final project
Creative Work -online/HyFlex
Field Study -online/HyFlex
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