Portfolio Examples

Here are sample student and alumni portfolios in diverse styles:

Nora Scully - 2008 Grad
Beth Kagel - 2005 Grad
Susan Cline - 2007 Grad
Nadine Duong - 2004 Grad
Andrew Calkins - 2003 Grad
Quetzalcoatl Cortes - 2007 Grad
Myron Maciejewski - 2010 Grad
Valerie Trost - 2007 Grad
Lee Rodrigues - 2007 Grad
David Casuto - 2008 Grad
Kate Miffit - 2007 Grad

White Papers

Here is a growing list of Distance Education and E-Learning white papers and research documents generated by the students of the ITEC program enrolled in ITEC 860 (Distance Education) and ITEC 865 (E-Learning Development).

Student and Faculty Projects

An assorted sample of web-based projects generated by ITEC students and faculty is hosted by the program. If you have an exemplary ITEC course project you would like hosted here, contact the ITEC office.

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