Dr. Peggy Benton

Email: peggyb@sfsu.edu
Phone: 415-338-2508

Dr. Peggy Benton serves as a Full Professor in Instructional Technologies (ITEC), where she teaches such graduate courses as technology leadership for educators, multimedia, graphics and visual communication. She directs the development of ITEC masters culminating work and coordinates the courses in technology integration for pre-service teachers. After receiving her doctorate in 1992, she focused her research area on applications of various types of visual imagery to improve learning. Her experiences with educational systems have led her to seek out more effective and relevant ways of teaching and learning.

Most recently, Dr. Benton was Director and Principle Investigator of "Teaching with Technology," a Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to use Technology (PT3) project funded by the US Department of Education (1999-2004). The PT3 program focused on infusing technology in teaching and learning, as well as the professional development of faculty and pre-credential teachers. In addition to PT3, Dr. Benton has had four innovative educational grants in such areas as distance learning, digital video, multimedia, classroom-integrated professional development and project based learning.

In 2003, Dr. Benton received national recognition from the US Department of Education as a Catalyst Leader, and was featured on the national PT3 website (PT3.org) for use of digital video. Her project PT3 web site was chosen by the US Program of Education as a model of best practices in user-centered design. She was also selected as a George Lucas Faculty Associate for 2003 and 2004. She works with such collaborative partners as Apple Computer, Oracle Corporation, Buck Institute for Education, Center for Enhancement of Teaching, the George Lucas Educational Foundation and local school districts. It is in this network of sharing innovations and working together that she believes we can bring about the solutions we need.


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