ITEC Student Alumni Network

The ITEC student/alumni network (ISAN) is comprised of graduates from and current students in San Francisco State's ITEC program. ISAN coordinates meetings with professionals in the field, and organizes social activities so students may become acquainted with their peers.

To join in on ISAN communications, please join the ISAN group on LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=74883)

Support the ITEC Program

Alumni, friends, or professional organizations can support ITEC is several ways:

  1. By offering instructional design internships to current students. Internships give students an opportunity to develop their skills while working with professionals in the field, and give employers an opportunity to select prospective instructional designers, developers, or project managers. Most internships range from 8-16 hours per week, and stipends provide graduate-level students some relief towards their educational costs. If your organization would like to host an intern, please contact the ITEC office (415-338-1509) to discuss your organization's goals or needs. Eligible students are monitored during the course of the internship by a faculty supervisor and can receive graduate course credit.
  2. By posting job announcements with ISAN or with the Program to help graduates successfully enter the job market. Please email Anna Kozubek to have the announcement posted on the ITEC Bulletin Board. (If you are subscribed to the isan-l mailing list, you can post job opportunities to the
    ISAN-l list yourself.)
  3. By making a Gift to the Program through the University's Office of Development .
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