The Institute for Holistic Health Studies


Contributing service to the university and greater community is an excellent way to explore careers, build connections with future employers, develop skills, grow in empathy and recognition of social interdependence, and have fun. There are many ways to find out about volunteer opportunities, internships, jobs, and many other ways to contribute (often with course credit). One way is to speak with faculty and your advisors. Here are a few other useful sources of information on campus.

Institute For Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE)

ICCE offers placement opportunities within community-based organizations, internships with civic organizations, and scholarships that recognize exemplary service. An internship is an excellent way to learn about careers, to acquire practice job skills, and to make important contacts for future job searches. It is not uncommon for an intern to eventually become an employee.

SFSU Career Center - Gator Jobs

GatorJOBS provides employment and internship opportunities targeted at SF State students and alumni by employers. Only SF State students, recent alums (up to six months after graduation) and those with a Career Center Membership are eligible to view job listings. The Career Center site provides information on campus work study & student assistantships; internships & co-ops; government education programs; non-profit & volunteer opportunities; full & part-time employment.

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