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The Principle of Reciprocity—that projects involving communities and universities are beneficial to each—is often stated as the primary principle of effective community engagement. Yet reciprocity assumes that there is a boundary between campus and community that distinguishes one from the other. The Institute for Civic and Community Engagement’s vision goes beyond reciprocity to the creation of what AACU Vice President Caryn McTighe Musil calls “generative” partnerships, where the community is understood “not as something separate and apart but as one and the same, an interdependent resource filled with possibilities.” What this means for the Institute’s programs is this: community-based experiences in teaching, learning, service, and research will change who we are as a University, what we establish as agendas for study, what courses we teach, what topics we cover in these courses, and how these themes are taught. ICCE will remain a leader in this boundary-breaking effort to create an institution of higher education that is fully engaged.

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