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Here’s what to do if you want to take a course that offers a community service learning (CSL) option: Identify and select course from our current list of 182 CSL Courses. Only hours from these courses will be shown on your Official Transcript. Please check the Class Schedule before you register, since not all of the courses are offered each semester.


1. Enroll in the course you want to take.


2. Once you have been approved by your instructor that you can do the CSL option, you must register with ULink49


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REMINDER: You must register with your SFSU email.

Click here: How to Use ULink49 Student Guide.


  • Please check with your course instructor for a list of approved sites. If you are given the option to choose your own site, you can find sites in ULink49.

  • Please track your hours by using the methods outlined by your course instructor.


3. Submit the following forms to your course instuctor


_____________ ____________

-Certificate of Completion (Print, Sign & Give to Instructor)

This video uses images, interviews, and text to provide information on the City's Diverse neighborhoods and cultures, background on how to work with communities respectfully while doing community engaged work, and provides clarity about student's rights/responsibilities, as well as faculty expectations around civic engagement and leadership development.


4. Perform the required service and keep track of your hours with your site supervisor (minimum of 20 hours per semester or as directed by course instructor). You can keep track of your service hours in ULink49 and request that Agency Supervisor verify those hours. Once you have completed the hours, inform course instructor that your hours have been approved by the Agency. Those hours will be reflected on your official transcript.

    Do you already at a community site and you cannot find your agency & opportunity in ULink49? Or you want to work with a site not listed? Please contact ICCE at 415-338-6419 or come visit us at HSS 206.


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-Community Engagement Forms

-Certificate of Completion (For "Give Back" Video)

-Community Engagement Learning Plan

-Student Sign-In Sheet

-Student Performance  

-Evaluation Protocol for Termination


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Why do I need to register in ULink49?

When you choose and your course instructor approves your CSL option, you must register with ULink49 as to understand your rights & responsibilities and agree to the student code of conduct.


When you register in ULink49 you will be covered under SF State’s insurance policy that covers all students who do community engagement off-campus.

Why should I use the community partners in ULink49?

All community partners in ULink49 are “approved learning sites”.

When a site is “approved”, this means: They are deemed safe based on the guidelines set by the CSU Chancellor’s office; all sites have agreed to a Community Engagement Agreement; agencies are informed about the goals and intentions of the Community Service Learning program; and are given guidance in developing high-quality opportunities that meet the needs of their organization, the clients they serve, and the learning goals of SF State students.

Is ICCE responsible for tracking my hours and grades?

ICCE does not give out grades, track your hours nor do we submit your hours to your course instructor. The built in tracking system within ULink49 is an option/resource that we provide to students and course instructors doing CSL. Please track your hours by using the methods outlined by your course instructor.


How do I get my community service hours on my official transcript?

If your course instructor approves your hours, he/she will input those hours when grading is due.

Tip: Be sure to check your unofficial/official transcript via SF Gateway to see if those hours are reflected. If not, please go to the Department for the course you took and ask what forms you need to submit in order to get those hours reflected in your transcript. Bring a copy of your signed CE Learning Plan and proof of the hours you completed and were approved by your course instructor.


What are the benefits of having CSL hours on my transcript?

When students’ complete and get their CSL hours approved by their course instructors, these hours will be reflected in their official transcript, which can enhance one’s grad school application and inform a future employer that a student has obtained hands-on direct experience in the community/work field.  We have had experiences where alumni have informed us that some employers (ex. Google, etc…) are now requesting transcripts with their resume/application.




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