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Community Service Learning


Community service learning (CSL) allows you to improve your academic skills by doing hands-on volunteer service outside of the classroom that addresses local community needs.

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At SF State, the hours you complete in officially-recognized community service learning classes (~30 per semester) are recorded on your Official Transcript. This enhances scholarship and/or graduate school applications, and shows future employers that you have real-world job experience. At SF State, nearly 200 service learning courses are available to you.



Benefits of Community Service Learning

  1. Win $$ cash awards, scholarships, paid internships, or get paid for service.

  2. Get hands-on experience in your field of study, like Stacey Jones did.

  3. Enhance your resume while exploring career opportunities. Students like Amee Bearne got a job after graduation because of her civic work.

  4. Boost your grad school application. CSL hours on your Official Transcript show initiative and commitment.

  5. Develop problem-solving, leadership, and communication skills. See Christopher Zepeda

  6. Make friends and develop networking opportunities.

  7. Make a difference: affect policy outcomes or advocate for change! A good example is Khary Dvorak-Ewell.

  8. Celebrate your success!

Get involved by Enrolling in CSL Courses. Here's the Process !



CSL at SF State During 2013-2014 Academic Year

7 - Colleges

52 - Departments

388 - Faculty (47% Prof., 93% Assoc. Prof., 27% Asst. Prof. & 78% Lecturers)

484 - CSL Course Sections

8,413 -Students Enrolled in CSL Courses

229,941 -Students CSL Hours (Estimate - 58hrs Average per Student)

459,882 - Clients Served (Estimate)


$2.3 Million - Value of Services to San Francisco Bay Area communities at the City of SF 2010 minimum wage of $9.92 per hour.


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