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America Counts

The America Counts tutoring program is a federally funded work-study program in which ICCE hires SF State students to tutor youth in K-8 public schools and after-school programs throughout San Francisco. The program focuses on elementary and middle school students who are struggling with their math skills, but tutors may be asked to tutor/facilitate in other areas such as reading, history, sports etc. There is no cost to community partner sites or to the parents of children being tutored. The goal of the program is to help build a strong mathematical foundation for students and in so doing, ensure greater college success and access to careers in a growing technological market.
An America Counts tutor must be willing to:


* Make a full-year commitment (fall and spring semesters) and work a minimum of 8 hours per week.
* Tutor children ages 4 to 12 years old.
* Work for $12.00 per hour



America Counts Application Due: Friday, September, 5th 2014 by 5pm.


AC Student Application AY 2014-2015



America Counts Statistics: AY 2013-14:

At full capacity we hired 24 SF State tutors

We were at 11 sites (9 ES, 1 MS, 1 CBO-based site)

Total # students served: K-5 – 1,035

Total # students served: 6-8 – 438

Grand total of students served – 1,473



SF State Student reflections: 

America Counts tutor

Tutor:  “I was able to serve a population that I don’t normally have contact with. These students are too often overlooked due to their disruptive classroom behavior, yet these are the students that need to the most academic support.”

Tutor: Francis Mead, School Site: Cesar Chavez

"The broader social issues that affect the population I serve are centered around the social barriers of race and class. I have learned how dedicated I am to social justice through the experience I had working at Caesar Chavez Elementary. I love the sense of community you get at the school, as well as in the Si Se Puede after school program. I feel like I have a positive impact on the children and it motivates me assist other populations in need."


Tutor: Eli Ness, School Site: Visitacion Valley Elementary

"The families of Visitacion Valley Elementary are raising children in very dangerous and frightening environment. Teachers there emphasize the importance of “making good choices,” because it is the case that their choices in life are of rather narrow scope, and the value of learning will either be understood by the time they reach 5th grade or we have collectively failed. There is so much goodness in Visitation Valley."


We are always looking for students and faculty who are interested in getting involved in this project. For more information, please email Jose R. Lopez at

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