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Grants & Awards

-Faculty Community Service Learning Awards
-Bay Area Jefferson Awards for Public Service


2014 Faculty Community Service Learning (CSL) Award - Jennifer Shea, Ph.D.
The Community Service Learning (CSL) Program, a unit within the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE), recognizes and honors one faculty member each year for contributing to the institutionalization of community service learning (CSL) at SF State.


Prof. Jennifer SheaThis year we are proud to announce Professor Jennifer Shea in the Public Administration Program of the School of Public Affairs & Civic Engagement as this year’s Faculty CSL awardee. Prof. Shea has developed and successfully implemented the first CSL course in the Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program, and it is one of the few CSL courses in all graduate programs at SF State. The MPA’s mission overlaps substantially with the CSL program’s purpose of enhancing academic skills through service to the community. Prof. Shea capitalized on this potential by developing PA 745 Nonprofit Management (later designated PA 746 Organizational Learning and Nonprofit Management) into a CSL course. The MPA is an applied professional degree with a mission of enhancing individuals and organizational effectiveness in public service through study, research, and community engagement.


Throughout the process of developing the CSL course, Prof. Shea documented her experiences, with the aim of advising other MPA professors on the process. This resulted in an article published in the Journal of Public Affairs Education (“From Traditional to Client-Based Nonprofit Management Course Design: Reflections on a Recent Course Conversion,” co-authored with alumna Amy Farah Weiss), the leading national journal on teaching in public affairs programs.


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2014 Bay Area Jefferson Awards for Public Service- Jessica Wolin, MPH,MCRP
Established in 1972 by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the Jefferson Award is considered the Nobel Prize for public service. It recognizes people who make a difference on a daily basis in their local communities—unsung heroes who do extraordinary things without expectation of recognition or award.


Prof. Jenifer WalinWe are proud to announce Professor Jessica Wolin in the Health Education Department as this year’s recipient of the Bay Area Jefferson Award for Public Service. Prof. Wolin’s strong and enduring relationships with leaders from the city and county health departments that serve the Bay Area – as well as with representatives of a large and diverse network of community-based organizations – are invaluable in all of the work she does. For instance, she is a co-founder of the Women’s Community Clinic, which has served as the only free clinic for women in San Francisco for over ten years; and was appointed to serve on the City of Berkeley Health Commission. Prof. Wolin’s roles as Clinical Faculty and Director of Practice in Health Education combines classroom teaching with the development of campus-community partnerships that allow her students to gain invaluable experience working collaboratively within local agencies and organizations in the conduct and/or research that informs the development of public health and interventions.


In particular, Prof. Wolin’s leadership on the Health Equity for HOPE SF public housing community partnership is of special interest. In November 2011 the San Francisco Department of Public Health, SF State’s Department of Health Education, and Health Equity Institute (HEI) came together with HOPE SF -- an initiative led by the San Francisco Mayor’s Office to transform the most distressed public housing in San Francisco -- to collaborate on examining key health issues facing public housing communities in San Francisco and develop strategies to improve the health of residents. Over the past three years, under Prof. Wolin’s mentorship, 60 Master of Public Health students have conducted innovative community assessments health issues in public housing in San Francisco including examination of peer health strategies, mental health and youth wellness issues. Their work has been guided by community leaders and grounded in a Community Based Participatory Research approach. Students have presented findings and recommendations to key HOPE SF stakeholders and City policy makers which has directly led to significant investment by initiative funders and new strategies to support the health of residents living in San Francisco public housing.


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