Industrial Assessment Center { A US Department of Energy Initiative}

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Background of Industrial Assessment Center

The IAC program of San Francisco State University is part of DOE's Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT), whose mission is to transfer new, efficient, environmentally-sound technologies to industry. This program works closely with industry towards the goal of a more efficient, competitive U.S. industrial sector. The IAC program is also an important component of DOE/OIT's efforts to deliver its industrial services in an integrated fashion.

The IAC program currently operates at 26 centers with ABET - accredited engineering and engineering technology programs and serves industry in about 40 of the contiguous states of the US. The School of Engineering at SFSU is proud to be one of them.

The program provides in-depth, on-site energy, waste management and productivity assessments for small and medium-sized manufacturers, followed by recommendations for specific dollar savings. These assessments conducted by faculty and students of IAC schools are designed to identify energy, waste, and productivity improvements as assessment recommendations (measures) throughout the plant, e.g., production-related services, HVAC and housekeeping. During the 2 to 6 month period following audit report submission to the client plant, the IAC conducts a survey of the client to determine which measures have been implemented. Within 60 days of the assessment, data is provided to the program database. This provides a reasonably accurate and on-going measure of the effectiveness of the program. The IAC services are provided at no charge to manufacturers.

Some facts about IAC:

  • The IAC program is funded by the U.S. Dept. of Energy and managed by the IAC at Rutgers University.

  • The program serves national goals of reducing energy consumption and waste generation, and increased efficiency, and specifically targets small to medium sized manufacturers within 150 miles of San Francisco.

  • The IAC program has served U.S. manufacturers since 1976.

  • Since 1992, IAC has served 383 manufacturers across the northern and central California.




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