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Set Windows to automatically update itself (Windows XP/2000)

What are updates and why do them daily?

When Microsoft finds a flaw in their operating system, a problem that could potentially harm your computer by making it vulnerable to virus or other types of attacks, they fix it right away. However, it is up to the computer user to actively download and install those updates. This is why it is extremely important to do your Windows updates whenever they become available.

Preventing these vulnerabilities

An easy way to prevent against the vulnerabilites is to set Windows to check for updates automatically and then download them when there are any. The few minutes it takes to set this up can save hours that it takes to fix the problems that would trasnpire.

Online guide

We've posted instructions to guide you through setting up Windows' automatic updates.

View Instructions [PDF]

Download and Install VirusScan (Windows XP/2000)

Doesn't my computer already have a virus scanner?

Most new computers come with McAfee VirusScan or Norton AntiVirus but unfortunately these are trial versions, meaning after about three months you will not be able to update it with the newest virus definitions. The definitions are what tell the program what it needs to get rid of. When a new virus comes out a definition will be written instructing your program how to delete it. In other words, without the updates your virus scan tool becomes useless.

So I have to PAY?

The school offers all current students a FREE enterprise edition of McAfee VirusScan v8.0i. This version is free to renew as long as you're a student at SFSU.

How do I install it?

You can schedule an appointment by contacting Housing and Residential Services, or use our easy to follow guide:

View Instructions [PDF]

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