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SF State University Housing ResNet Acceptable Use Policy

Be sure to:

Your use of Resnet implies your agreement to abide by the ResNet Acceptable use policy outlined below.

Connection to the SFSU ResNet is a privilege afforded to members of the SFSU Residence Community who abide by the following terms and conditions:

As a user of the Residential Computing Network (ResNet) I WILL NOT:

  • Access or attempt to access unauthorized computing resources, or give unauthorized access to others.
  • Use an IP address or account not specifically registered to me by ResNet/Apogee or this University.
  • Access files and disk storage belonging to others without explicit permission.
  • Use the network to engage in for-profit activities.
  • Use the network to run a non-academic related server (i.e. game server).
  • Use or distribute unauthorized copies of copyrighted material (i.e. software, music, videos)
  • Send threatening, obscene, libelous or offensive messages.
  • Send chain letters or mass email messages unless specifically authorized by this University.
  • Damage University computing resources physically or electronically.
  • Extend the connection beyond the confines of my room.
  • Engage in any activities that compromise the ability of ResNet/Apogee to serve the needs of Residents.

I further agree to familiarize myself with appropriate SFSU policies concerning use of university resources and to comply with all such policies.Policies agreed to include but are not limited to:

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