Holistic Health Learning Center

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Holistic Health

Learning Center

Integrating Self, Culture & Nature

Others (Social Health)


Communication, Conflict & Collaboration


Communication & Relationship Skills

Communication & Relationships Course and links: www.trans4mind.com/relationships
Communication Skills (Face-to-Face). www.managementhelp.org/commskls/cmm_face.htm
Helpguide, educational source for mental and relationship health and living: www.helpguide.org
Inner Bonding, relationships, personal growth and inner development: www.innerbonding.com
Mind Tools – improve your communication. www.mindtools.com/page8.html
Relationship skills: connecting, communicating, problem solving, etc. www.bbc.co.uk/relationships


Collaboration, Team Building & Community Development

Blue Oxen, a think tank studying knowledge processes and interaction. www.blueoxen.com
Citizen’s Handbook, a guide to building community (Vancouver). www.vcn.bc.ca/citizens-handbook
Ctr. for Wise Democracy, ‘Wisdom Councils’ giving voice to “The People”. www.wisedemocracy.org
Co-intelligence Institute, honoring collaboration and democratic dev. www.co-intelligence.org
Confidence Center, supporting employee morale and success. www.confidencecenter.com
New Conversations. cooperative communication, violence prev., etc. www.newconversations.net
Compassionate Listening, beyond polarized thinking, etc www.compassionatelistening.org
Conversation Café, social process supporting meaningful conversation: www.conversationcafe.org
Metaphor Project, language that supports progressive values, change: www.metaphorproject.org
Natl. Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, best group process methods. http://thataway.org
OrangeBand, movement to invite conversation about important issues: www.orangeband.org
Reuniting America, across our divisions, a network of organizations: www.reunitingamerica.org
Sustained Dialogue Campus Network, training leaders in dialogue: www.sdcampusnetwork.org
Tomorrow Makers, facilitating the emergence of Group Genius: www.tomorrowmakers.org
World Café, shaping our futures through conversations that matter. www.theworldcafe.com


Managing Conflict & Violence

Association for Dispute Resolution. www.acrnet.org
Association for Dispute Resolution of No. Calif. www.mediate.com/adrnc
Center for Nonviolent Communication, skills for being peaceful, vital and alive. www.cnvc.org
What is NVC?, www.cnvc.org/nvc.htm Ten Steps to Peace. www.cnvc.org/tensteps.htm
Conflict Resolution Information Source. www.crinfo.com
Collaborative Center that addresses issue of racism. www.studycircles.org
Beyond Intractability, finding constructive approaches to conflict. www.beyondintractability.org
Educators for Nonviolence, offering alternatives to violence. www.efnv.org
Helpguide, educational source for personal and relational conflicts. www.helpguide.org
Peace & Justice Studies Assn, research in the service of peace. www.peacejusticestudies.org
Public Conversations, fostering dialogue across differences. www.peacejusticestudies.org
Mediate.com, mediation resources and education. www.mediate.com
Metta Center for Nonviolence Ed, resources for the integrative power of NV. www.mettacenter.org
National Association for Community Mediation. www.nafcm@nafcm.org
National Youth Violence Prevention Center. www.safeyouth.org
Ten Steps to Transform Anger into Compassion and Connection (Rosenberg: We Reflect (Children Too) the Treatment We Receive). www.naturalchild.org/marshall_rosenberg/ten_steps.html


Gender & Health

Gay-Lesbian & Transgender Studies

Answers to Questions about Transgender & Gender Identity. www.apa.org/topics/transgender.html
Our Bodies Ourselves, sex-gender resources. www.ourbodiesourselves.org/book/chapter.asp?id=9
Queer Theory, resource directory for LGBT, queer studies and related fields. www.queertheory.com
Susan’s Place, transgender resource page. www.susans.org
Understanding transgender children. http://abcnews.go.com/2020/story?id=3088298


Men’s Health - General

The Male Health Center, www.malehealthcenter.com
Men’s Health Center, Mayo Clinic. www.mayoclinic.com/health/mens-health/MC99999
Men's Health Network, non-profit education organization. www.menshealthnetwork.org
Medline – Men’s Health Issues. www.medlineplus.gov
MotherNature.Com, natural remedies and treatment information. www.mothernature.com/library
Web MD - Men's Health Center, men's health issues, fitness and lifestyle. http://men.webmd.com


Men’s Health - Circumcision

Circumcision Information and Resources. www.cirp.org/cirp
National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers. www.nocirc.org
National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males. www.noharmm.org


Men’s Health - Prostate

National Prostate Cancer Coalition, www.healthfinder.gov/orgs/hr3464.htm or www.pcacoalition.org
Prostate Cancer Foundation seeking a cure for prostate cancer. www.prostatecancerfoundation.org
Prostatitis Foundation, ed about prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. www.prostatitis.org
US-Too International, helps prostate cancer patients find resources they need. www.ustoo.com


Men’s Studies – Growth, Development & The Healthy Masculine

David Deida - original thinking about the masculine, the feminine and spirituality. www.deida.info
The Mankind Project and the New Warrior Training Adventure. www.mkp.org
MenWeb, men's issues and part of the mythopoetic men's movement. www.menweb.org
Men’s Stuff - Natl. Men’s Resource Center, links and resources for men's issues. www.menstuff.org
Nation of Men, a men’s community organization in the San Francisco-San Jose Bay Area, giving men an opportunity to share and explore what makes men great www.now.org
Mosaic Multicultural Fndn: mythology, men’s initiation and youth mentoring. www.mosaicvoices.org
Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity (7 min., Media Ed Foundation video):
XY: Men, Masculinities and Gender Politics, resources on men and gender issues. www.xyonline.net


Men’s Studies – Fathering & Family Issues

The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children. supporting parents, caregivers, professionals, and policymakers in practicing the art and science of nurturing children. www.atlc.org
Divorce Support, for men & women; Mens/Fathers hotline. www.divorcesupport.com
Men’s Hotlines, links for men's issues. http://menswork.us/resources/resourcefiles/hotlines.html
Men and Fathers Resources: www.fathers.org
Fathering Magazine, www.fathersmag.com
Father Net, a network of everything about and to do with being a father. www.fathers.net
Men’s Issues & Rights: www.themenscenter.com/National/national10.htm & www.mens-rights.org
National Center for Fathering, research based information for fathers/dads. www.fathers.com
National Domestic Violence Hotline: Fathers & Families.
Why Men Leave—A Hidden Epidemic. http://wellness.thewellspring.com/Whymen &


Women’s Health - General

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. www.acog.com
Medline – Women’s Health Issues. www.medlineplus.gov
Mother Nature.Com - natural remedies and treatment info. www.mothernature.com/library
National Women’s Health Information Center. www.4woman.gov
National Women's Health Resource Center. www.healthywomen.org
Society for Women's Health Research, non-profit effort to improve the health of all women
through research, education and advocacy. www.womenshealthresearch.org
Women’s International Pharmacy, natural hormone therapy, etc.. www.womensinternational.com
Woman’s Health.Gov, women's health resource information. www.womenshealth.gov
Women's Health Magazine. www.womenshealthmag.com
Web MD - Women's Health Center, women's health issues and lifestyle. http://women.webmd.com


Women’s Studies – Growth, Development & The Healthy Feminine

Christiane Northrup, MD, empowerment medicine: women's bodies & wisdom. www.drnorthrup.com
True North Experience, resources for women. www.truenorthexperiences.com/words.htm
The Courage Project, championing the feminine face of courage. http://courageproject.com
Women of Wisdom Fndn., national org providing innovative programs. www.womenofwisdom.org
Women's Wisdom Network, women helping women in business. www.womenswisdomnetwork.com


Women’s Studies – Mothering & Family Issues

The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children. supporting parents, caregivers, professionals, and policymakers in practicing the art and science of nurturing children. www.atlc.org
The Compleat Mother. magazine of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. www.compleatmother.com
Divorce Support, resource center for women & men. www.divorcesupport.com
The Natural Child Project. Critical importance of Mothering. Celebrating attachment parenting and unschooling. www.naturalchild.org/peter_cook/mothering_matters.html
McClelland Inst. for Children, Youth & Families, U. of Arizona. http://mcclellandinstitute.arizona.edu
Mothering Magazine, inspiring natural family development. www.mothering.com
Mothering Issues: www.mamablogs.com/category/mothering-issues & www.momsexperience.com
Mothering while incarcerated. www.lib.purdue.edu/dissertations/AAI3251605/
Primal Mothering, blog for natural birth, breastfeeding, vaccinations, etc.
Why Men Leave—A Hidden Epidemic. www.compleatmother.com/articles2/why_men_leave.htm


Media & Culture

Commercial/Mainstream News

Top 100 newspapers in the US. http://newsmax.com/links_papers.shtml CNN. www.cnn.com
AP breaking stories. http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/index.htm Public Broadcasting. www.pbs.org
Reuters News Service, business, financial and international news. www.reuters.com
Mainstream media contact list (network and cable). www.fair.org/media-contact-list.html


Independent/Non-Commercial News Sources

Daily Censored: unreported news. http://dailycensored.org (Spanish www.proyectocensurado.org)
Media Freedom Foundation, multiple independent news sources/sites all on one website - one stop shopping for independent news. http://mediafreedom.pnn.com/5174-independent-news-sources
Validated Independent News & Research Stories: www.mediafreedominternational.org

Bay Area Progressive Event Calendar. www.swcoalition.org/Calendar.html
Bay Area Independent Media: the people’s news and views. www.indybay.org
Alternet, the mix is the message. www.alternet.org Alternative Press. www.altpress.org
Common Dreams, comprehensive, progressive news and commentary. www.commondreams.org
Counterpunch, muckraking political newsletter, beyond corporate press. www.counterpunch.com
Daily Kos, most active blog (600,000 daily hits), progressive news, commentary. www.dailykos.com
Guerilla News Network, close to the action, radical, free analysis and art. www.guerillanews.com
Global Research, looks behind news and spin of the New World Order. www.globalresearch.ca
In These Times, a national magazine of investigative news and opinion. www.inthesetimes.com
Institute for Public Accuracy - beyond government and corporate perspectives. www.accuracy.org
Ode Magazine, site for Good News and intellectual optimists. www.odemagazine.com/p/good-news
Positive News, ideas, role models and activities for happy living. www.happynews.com
News Insider, daily source for under-reported news and analysis. http://newsinsider.cjb.net
Truth Out, national network of contributing editors and investigative news. www.truthout.org
YES! A Journal of Positive Futures – analysis and actions for a better future. www.futurenet.org


International Media/Ethnic Perspectives

Aljazeera, largest Arabic news network: www.aljazeera.com Shia news: www.shianews.com
BBC News: http://news.bbc.co.uk The Guardian (London): www.guardian.co.uk
Intl. News from 1,600 groups promoting human rights and fighting poverty. www.oneworld.net
New America Media, news and voices from ethnic perspectives: www.newamericamedia.org
Link TV, cross-cultural network and diverse perspectives on world issues. www.linktv.org
World Press Review, news from intl. newspapers translated into English. www.worldpress.org


Media Watch, Media Literacy & Reform

Adbusters, culture jamming using a global network of artists & activists: http://adbusters.org
Ctr. for Media Literacy: www.medialit.org Action Coalition for Media Ed: www.acmecoalition.org
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: www.fair.org Media Literacy, K-12: www.frankwbaker.com
Grade the News: www.gradethenews.org Free Press: media reform & ed: www.freepress.net
Media Alliance, media activism: www.media-alliance.org Media Channel: www.mediachannel.org
Media Education Foundation, media ed and reform, great educational videos. www.MediaEd.org
Media Matters, monitoring ultra-conservative media misinformation: www.mediamatters.org
Media Venture Collective, media publication for youth. www.mediaventure.org/ymn.html
Project Censored, coverage of what is missing in the news: www.projectcensored.org
PR Watch, manipulations behind news stories (fake news and spin of the day). www.prwatch.org
Save the Internet, net neutrality website and video (4 min). www.savetheinternet.com


New Culture Media – Online & Independent

Alternative Radio (AR), weekly speakers on public affairs, a forum for controversy and debate, part of the non-profit Institute for Social and Cultural Change. www.alternativeradio.org
Bioneers, interdisciplinary strategies for a revolution from the heart of nature. www.bioneers.org
Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dedicated to expanding science beyond conventional paradigms.
Founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell. www.noetic.org One Minute Shifts: www.shiftinaction.com
FREEVLOG. Everything you need to create and post your own videos/video-blog. www.freevlog.org
Global Mindshift, evolution of consciousness and culture. www.global-mindshift.org
The Long Now Foundation, promoting "slower/better" thinking; Blogs: http://blog.longnow.org
New Dimensions Media, conscious radio, internet, shortwave programs www.newdimensions.org
Open Culture, podcast and media library of enlightened ideas, culture. www.oculture.com/weblog
Positive News, ideas, role models and activities for happy living: www.happynews.com
Radio Power.Org, streaming progressive music and culture around the world. www.radiopower.org
Shambala Sun, Buddhism, meditation, culture and unfolding life. www.shambhalasun.com
TED (Tech, Entertainment & Design), gathering the world's leading thinkers. www.ted.com
Thom Hartman, radio host: renaissance thinking about today’s issues. www.thomhartmann.com
The Utne Reader, blogs and magazine integrating the best of alternative media. www.utne.com
Yes Magazine, solution oriented - people and ideas changing the world. www.yesmagazine.org


San Francisco Bay Area Community & Public Radio

KALW 91.7 FM Bay Area public radio & KQED 88.5 FM NPR
KPFA 94.1 FM Community-based programs and news: “Democracy Now”, 6 and 9am.
BlogTalk Radio, online radio ie. Be the Media: www.blogtalkradio.com/be-the-media
Low Power FM: www.nfcb.org & www.mediaaccess.org

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