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Integrating Self, Culture & Nature

Trauma & Recovery

Childhood Abuse & Recovery

Helping the Sexually Abused Child. www.kellybear.com/TeacherArticles/TeacherTip10.html
Human Enrichment, somatic methods to heal and prevent trauma. www.traumahealing.com
National Child Traumatic Stress Network, causes and treatments. www.nctsnet.org
Trauma and Recovery (book). www.jimhopper.com/trauma_and_recovery/#contents
Understanding Child Sexual Abuse. www.apa.org/releases/sexabuse


Loss, Grief & Healing

Crisis, Grief and Healing, a site for men grieving, healing from loss. www.webhealing.com
Coping with Loss, guide to grieving and bereavement. www.helpguide.org/mental/grief_loss.html
Dancing in the Shadow, for women abuse survivors. www.homestar.org/bryannan/dance.html
Dealing with Grief. www.utexas.edu/student/cmhc/booklets/Grief/grief.html
Grief Recovery, resources, hotlines and crisis centers. www.groww.com/resource.html
Loss, Change & Grief, dealing w. unanticipated death. www.journeyofhearts.org/jofh/grief/accident2
Grief and Belief.com, grief as sacred space; grief and afterlife. www.griefandbelief.com
How to help someone who is grieving. www.helpguide.org/mental/helping_grieving.html


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, symptoms, causes, treatment. www.bullyonline.org/stress/ptsd.htm
National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, impact & treatment of PTSD. www.ptsd.va.gov
PTSD & Hypoglycemia. www.hypoglycemia.asn.au/articles/PTStress.html
Psychosocial and post-traumatic stress resources. www.psychosocial.org
Research (eight articles) on health consequences of women with intimate partner violence & trauma.
Social Work Violence & Trauma. http://violenceandtrauma.blogspot.com


Trauma, Anxiety Disorders & Recovery

ASAP Dictionary of Anxiety and Panic Disorders. www.anxiety-panic.com/dictionary/en-main.html
EMDR Institute, eye movement desensitization to reprocess trauma. www.emdr.com
Foundation for Human Enrichment, Peter Levine’s groundbreaking “somatic experiencing”
techniques to help heal and prevent trauma. www.traumahealing.com
Healing Sex, mixing docu-drama, education, mind-body exercises. www.healingsexthemovie.com
Instinct to Heal, natural approaches to stress, anxiety and depression. www.instincttoheal.org
Intl. Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, research, clinical strategies, public policy. www.istss.org
Intl Trauma Healing Institute, healing, peace and conflict resolution. www.traumainstitute.org
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. www.ncadv.org
Survivors of Suicide, support for loved ones of suicide victims. www.survivorsofsuicide.com
Theatre of the Oppressed, theatre to heal and humanize humanity. www.theatreoftheoppressed.org
Trauma resources. www.trauma-pages.com


War, Trauma-Abuse Cycle & Society

Inst. for Psychohistory, trauma-abuse cycle underlying violent behavior. www.psychohistory.com
The Psychogenic Theory of History. www.psychohistory.com/htm/eln05_psychogenic.html
Iraq and Afghanistan Vets of Am., resources for coping with trauma of war. www.optruth.org
Ponerology, scientific study of evil in politics w/ social ramifications. http://ponerology.blogspot.com
Trauma of War, Unicef article: impact of war on children and others. www.unicef.org/sowc96/7trauma.html
Voices in Wartime, movie clips and resources. www.commondreams.org/news2005/0414-15.html
Trauma of war often hits troops years later (article).
War Trauma Fnd, for those traumatized by war and violence. www.wartraumafoundation.nl/?lid=en

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