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Integrating Self, Culture & Nature

Dying & Death

Living Wills & End of Life Decisions

Good Endings, caring for someone who is dying. www.GoodEndings.net
Growth Hous, guide to dying, death, grief, bereavement and end-of-life. www.growthhouse.org
Health Care Directives and Living Wills. www.helpguide.org/elder/advance_directive_end_of_life_care.html
Innovations in End-of-Life Care, international journal for end-of-life care. www2.edc.org/lastacts
Living Wills Online, Prepare Online & Print. www.legacywriter.com/livingwill.asp?src=g12livingwillsa
US Living Will Registry. www.uslivingwillregistry.com


Conscious Dying & Spiritual Dimensions of Dying

Guide to Conscious Dying. www.beyondtheveil.net/anubisist.html
Morrie Schwartz, his reflections on living while dying. www.focusonals.com/morrie.html
Spiritual Dimensions of Living and Dying. www.living-dying.com


Near Death Experience

International Assn for Near-Death Studies, What is a ND Experience? www.iands.org/nde.html
Journal of Near Death Studies. Archives.
Near Death Exp. and the Afterlife, NDE Experts, theories, skeptical arguments. www.near-death.com
Near Death Experience, articles and research on near death experiences (NDE). www.nderf.org
Near Death Experience, skeptical critic of NDE research. http://skepdic.com/nde.html
Who's Afraid of Life After Death? www.noetic.org/publications/review/issue61/r61_Grossman.html

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