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Integrating Self, Culture & Nature

Consumer Issues - Healthcare

Consumer Issues: Medical Care

American Medical Association. www.ama-assn.org
ChoiceTrust, records on health professionals, insurance, consumer issues. www.choicetrust.com
Ecofriendly Health Care, reducing medical and hospital pollution: (1) Health Care Without Harm,
www.noharm.org and (2) Teleosis Institute, fostering green medicine. www.teleosis.org
Health Grades, info on hospitals, physicians and nursing homes. www.healthgrades.com
Kids Health, web’s most visited site for children’s health. http://kidshealth.org/index2.html
Noah (New York Online Access to Health). www.noah-health.org
Public Citizen, promoting safe and accountable medical care. www.citizen.org/hrg
SimpleCare, an alternative to insurance: pay cash for a 30-50% savings. www.simplecare.com
Medical Board of California, licensing, complaints and discipline of physicians. www.medbd.ca.gov
Federation of State Medical Boards, guarding quality of health care. www.fsmb.org
What Doctors Don’t Tell You, free health information database. www.wddty.com
Your Surgery, info for common surgical procedures. www.yoursurgery.com/index.cfm


Consumer Issues: Alternative & Complementary Therapies

Alternative Health News Online. www.altmedicine.com
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. www.worldhealth.net
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. http://nccam.nih.gov
Alternative Health Insurance, including CAM coverage. www.alternativeinsurance.com
American Holistic Health Assn. http://ahha.org/ahhahis.htm
Citizens for Health, natural health care advocacy. www.citizens.org (national) &
www.citizenshealth.org (California)
Seek Wellness, blog (Don Ardell) and wellness education site. www.seekwellness.com


Consumer Issues: Public Health, Health Politics & Policy

American Public Health Association. www.apha.org
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, emergency prep. & response. www.bt.cdc.gov
EthnoMed, cross-cultural medicine, immigrant health-care. www.ethnomed.org
NewsRx, medical news, disease research, & business reports. www.newsrx.com
Public Health Foundation, supporting healthy communities. www.phf.org
Public Citizen, national non-profit public interest organization. www.citizen.org

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