Division of Graduate Studies

Image: Photos of SF State students taken from all the graduation events and activities and scenes from around the campus.

Graduate Studies Administrative and Staff


Dean's Office Staff Phone E-MAIL
Ann Hallum (Dean of Graduate Studies) (415)338-2234  
Mary Menees (Senior Operations Officer) (415)405-3982 mmenees@sfsu.edu
Linda Leonard (Dean's Administrative Coordinator) (415)338-2232 lleonard@sfsu.edu


Admissions Staff Phone E-MAIL
Noah Price (Director, Graduate Admissions & Academic Services) (415)405-3506 nprice@sfsu.edu
Primrose Pagdilao (Associate Director, Graduate Admissions & Academic Services) (415)338-6069 primrose@sfsu.edu
Suong Nguyen (Lead Admissions Processor) (415)338-1766 suongn01@sfsu.edu
Paula Hsieh (Graduate Admissions Evaluator/Processor) (415)338-7159 phsieh@sfsu.edu
Randy Tran (Graduate Admissions Evaluator/Processor) (415)405-3504 randyhqt@sfsu.edu
Amie Thach (International Graduate Admissions Evaluator) (415)405-4108 amieth87@sfsu.edu
Clay Calder (International Graduate Admissions Evaluator) (415)338-6389 jccalder@sfsu.edu


Gradstop Services Center Phone E-MAIL
Song-Ho Tran (Associate Director, Gradstop Services Center) (415)405-3744 songho@sfsu.edu
Maria Katrina Echon (Administrative Support Coordinator ) (415)405-3655 mkechon@sfsu.edu


Current Student Staff Phone E-MAIL
Jan Lamborn (Current Student Coordinator) (415)338-7699 jlamborn@sfsu.edu
Britney Stewart (Current Student Specialist) (415)405-4391 britneys@sfsu.edu


Student Advising Staff Phone E-MAIL
Graduate Advisor (415)338-7155 gradadv@sfsu.edu
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