Division of Graduate Studies

Image: Photos of SF State students taken from all the graduation events and activities and scenes from around the campus.
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College of Science and Engineering Graduate Coordinators


Biology Diana Chu Grad Coordinator chud@sfsu.edu
Center for Biomedical Laboratory Science Robert Patterson Grad Coordinator patters@sfsu.edu
Chemistry/Biochemistry Andrew S Ichimura Grad Coordinator ichimura@sfsu.edu
Computer Science Barry Levine Grad Coordinator levine@sfsu.edu
Engineering Hamid Shahnasser Grad Coordinator hamid@sfsu.edu
Geography Nancy Wilkinson Grad Coordinator nancyw@sfsu.edu
Geosciences Karen Grove Grad Coordinator kgrove@sfsu.edu
Marine Science Drew Seals Grad Coordinator dseals@mlml.calstate.edu
Mathematics Matthias Beck Grad Coordinator mattbeck@sfsu.edu
Mathematics Serkan Hosten Grad Coordinator serkan@sfsu.edu
Physics Maarten Golterman Grad Coordinator maarteen@stars.sfsu.edu
Physics Susan Lea Grad Coordinator lea@stars.sfsu.edu
Psychology Department Ryan Howell Dept. Grad. Coordinator rhowell@sfsu.edu
Psychology (Clinical Psych.) David Gard Program Coordinator dgard@sfsu.edu
Psychology (Developmental Psych.) Ryan Howell Dept. Coordinator rhowell@sfsu.edu
Psychology (Industrial/Organizational Psych.) Chris Wright Program Coordinator cwright@sfsu.edu
Psychology (Research Psych.) Mark Geisler Program Coordinator mgeisler@sfsu.edu
Psychology (Research Psych.) Avi Ben-Zeev Program Coordinator abenzeev@sfsu.edu
Psychology (School Psych.) Diane Harris Program Coordinator dharris@sfsu.edu
Psychology (Social Psych.) Charlotte Tate Program Coordinator ctate2@sfsu.edu
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