Division of Graduate Studies

Image: Photos of SF State students taken from all the graduation events and activities and scenes from around the campus.
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College of Education Graduate Coordinators


Admin & Interdisciplinary Studies/Equity & Soc. Justice Doris Flowers Grad Coordinator dflowers@sfsu.edu
Admin & Interdisciplinary Studies/Adult Education Ming-yeh Lee Grad Coordinator mylee@sfsu.edu
Admin & Interdisciplinary Studies/EDAD (MA) Andrew Dubin Grad Coordinator adubin@sfsu.edu
Admin & Interdiscplinary Studies/Special Interest Deborah Curtis Grad Coordinator curtis@sfsu.edu
Credential Information/Programs Myla Marcelino Credential Coordinator mlm@sfsu.edu
Educational Leadership EDD Patricia Irvine Graduate Coordinator pirvine@sfsu.edu
Educational Leadership EDD Norena Badway Graduate Coordinator nbadway@sfsu.edu
Educational Leadership EDD Charlotte Neff Office Coordinator cneff@sfsu.edu
Elementary Education Jane Bernard Powers Grad Coordinator jbp@sfsu.edu
Elementary Education Phonita Yuen Office Coordinator phonitay@sfsu.edu
Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education Barbara Henderson Grad Coordinator barbarah@sfsu.edu
Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education Mina Kim Grad Coordinator minakim@sfsu.edu
Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education Daniel Meier Grad Coordinator dmeier@sfsu.edu
Elementary Education/Lang. & Lit./R&L Arts Sp Crd Marguerite Conrad Grad Coordinator mconrad4@sfsu.edu
Elementary Education/Lang. & Lit./R&L Arts Sp Crd) Josephine Arce Grad Coordinator jarce@sfsu.edu
Elementary Education/Lang. & Lit./R&L Arts Sp Crd) Ali Borjian Grad Coordinator borjian@sfsu.edu
Elementary Education/Math (MA) Judith Kysh Grad Coordinator jkysh@sfsu.edu
Elementary Education/Math (MA) Hallie Foster Grad Coordinator halcyon@sfsu.edu
Instructional Technology/ITEC Pat Donohue Grad Coordinator pdonohue@sfsu.edu
Joint Doctoral Program Marci J. Hanson Coordinator mjhanson@sfsu.edu
Secondary Education/SEC ED (MA) Nathan Avani Department Chair natalio@sfsu.edu
Special Education Nicholas Certo Department Chair ncerto@sfsu.edu
Special Education Marci J. Hanson Grad Coordinator mjhanson@sfsu.edu
Communicative Disorders Nancy Robinson Grad Coordinator nancyr@sfsu.edu
Communicative Disorders Laura Epstein Grad Coordinator lepstein@sfsu.edu
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