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Click here to download and complete a voter registration form on your computer. Then simply print the form, sign it, and mail it directly to your county elections office.


In order to be eligible to vote in the statewide election on:
Your registration must be postmarked no later than:
June 5, 2012 (Presidential Primary Election) May 21, 2012
November 6, 2012  (General Election)
  October 22, 2012

How You Can Register to Vote
Volunteers will be on campus throughout the registration period at the following locations on Monday-Thursday, from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM:


  1. On the quad outside of the Student Center
  2. In front of the bookstore on the North Plaza
  3. In front of the Humanities Building


Voter Registration forms can also be picked up in the first floor of the Student Services Building, the Associated Students Business office or Admin 154. You can also click here (ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL) to download and complete the voter registration form on your computer. When you fill in your address, the address for your county elections office will automatically be added. Then simply print the form, sign it, and mail it directly to your county elections office. In addition, volunteers will be at the Downtown Campus in the evenings, on the 5th Floor elevator lobby. If you would like to assist with voter registration, please contact Travis Northup at


Check Your Registration Status, find your polling location or apply to Vote By Mail

You can check your voter registration status, find your polling place or change your registration to vote by mail by visiting the following web sites, depending on which county you last registered in:

County Elections Offices


Voter Registration Questions

Have questions about Voter Registration? check out the FAQ.



How can I educate myself about candidates and ballot measures?

The following sites provide many ways to learn about election issues and the candidates:

Secretary of State's Voter Education Guide

Easy Voter Guide

State of California Ballot Propositions

City of San Francisco Candidates and Ballot Measures

Other voter information and education guides may be found at the following Web sites:

Project Vote Smart

Smart Voter

The California Voter Foundation

The League of Women Voters

MTV: Choose or Lose





How do I request a Vote-by-Mail (formerly known as absentee) ballot?

Registered voters have until Tuesday, Oct. 26, to apply for an absentee ballot for the Nov. 2 election.

Where's my polling place?

Enter your street address and zip code at this site and you'll get the location of your polling place.

Does SFSU have its own voting precinct?

SFSU has three voting precincts depending on where you live on campus:


  • Mary Ward, Mary Park and The Towers vote in the Presidio Room of the Towers Conference Center.
  • Residents of University Park South and Park Merced should check for their polling place as their is more than one precinct in UPS/Park Merced.
  • Residents of University Park North should check back later when we have the official location of the precinct.


Only voters assigned to vote at SFSU’s precinct should cast their ballots there. San Francisco voters should try to vote at the precinct printed on their sample ballot/candidate materials or they may vote at City Hall. However, absentee ballots may be dropped off at any polling place, including SF State's, by 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

What if I cannot get to my polling place on election day?

San Francisco voters should try to vote at the precinct printed on their sample ballot/candidate materials or may vote at City Hall.

Voting outside of the designated precinct means you may not be able to vote for local candidates in your district and your ballot may be counted as a provisional ballot.

For voters outside of San Francisco, consult your county's department of elections.

How do I become an election officer/pollworker?

The Department of Elections for the City and County of San Francisco is seeking pollworkers to assist on Nov. 2. Volunteering as a poll worker on election day is an effective way to participate in the electoral process and strengthen one’s community


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