First-Year Initiative Freshmen Mandatory Advising Workshop

Image: First-Year Freshmen Advising and our GatorAider Peer Counselors


Mandatory Advising for

First-Year Freshmen

Freshman Mandatory Advising

Certain departments are requiring their students to see a major advisor before they can register for the following semester.

The following major departments require mandatory advising and each will have specific procedures to clear your mandatory advising hold for SPRING 2013:

  • Engineering (all concentrations)
  • Chemistry & BioChemistry
  • Meteroology & Oceanography
  • Economics
  • Journalism

If you are currently declared in any of these majors, you should receive an email from your department when they are ready to make advising appointments with you.


All Other Majors - Getting Advising for SPRING 2013

If you need assistance or advice for next semester, please utilize at least one of the following options:

  1. Freshmen Group Workshops - Admin 211 - Advising Center (space is very limited!)
  2. "Freshmen Fridays" Advising Events - various locations - drop-in, one-on-one session
  3. During our Monday - Thursday drop-in, quick-question times in the Advising Center (5 - 10 minutes max!)
  4. Browse through this online advising module

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