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Kelsey Rogers

2013-2014 University Scholarship Winner

"....I am a twenty-two year-old senior at San Francisco State University. Ever since I was in high school, I have been interested in the field of psychology, and I decided then that I wanted to work in mental health. For the past two years now, I have worked as a Licensed Psychiatric Technician at a Mental Health Rehabilitation Center. I love being able to help those diagnosed with mental illness to realize their full potential, and I knew I wanted to continue my work in this field, so I decided to major in Psychology for my Bachelor's degree."

"I am very grateful to be one of the students selected to receive the University Scholarship. I work as much as I can so that I am able to put myself through college, yet I still find myself struggling....Having the extra finances will also allow me to not have to work as many hours, which means that I can focus on my studies more...."

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