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Mercedes Milner

2013-2014 University Scholarship Winner

"I am going into my second year at San Francisco State University....The home I come from is one full of fighters. My mother is currently in the middle of an uphill battle with Multiple Sclerosis and my grandparents, both retired, have been my main source of financial support. Although it has never been easy to keep our humble life together, we've managed to get through it all by supporting each other. They sent me to San Francisco State with very high expectations and I have promised to make them the proudest they will ever be. So far, I have managed to maintain a 3.75 GPA during my first two semesters and I've become involved with on-campus activities and clubs...."

"The scholarship award I have been selected to receive will help me to succeed by giving me the opportunity to pursue more units and bring me closer to a degree in the Broadcasting and Electronic Communications major...."

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