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Alexander Yore

2013-2014 Osher Reentry Scholarship Winner

"I have reentered college as an Electrical Engineering major. I chose this discipline for a number of reasons. I have always enjoyed a challenge, and Engineering is widely regarded as an incredibly rigorous course of study. It is not just the challenge though; I feel I can make a significant positive impact on the planet and humanity by pursuing this field. The world needs better, cleaner, more sustainable and accessible energy, and I intend to further the field in a way that makes that a reality."

"The Osher Reentry scholarship could not have come at a better time. Since I only recently moved to California, I am ineligible for Cal Grant and will be required to pay out-of-state tuition. Any extra funding is crucial to keeping a low level of debt upon graduation. This will allow me to focus more fully on my studies, without having to work full-time while in school in order to avoid debilitating debt. I plan to use the full amount of the award to pay a portion of my tuition and I am extremely thankful for the opportunity."

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